VR Education Demo at Hatch Fair

VR Education Demo at Hatch Fair

Demo Day, Pitching, ROI

Great work Marvrus for taking your pitch to Vietnam’s HATCH Fair 2016!

Pitchcraft and Marvrus worked together on their pitchdeck by focusing in on the information that really mattered. The pitch deck was re-organized using elements from the Y-Combinator pitch format, and key messages were reduced to simpler, easier English. Their pitch battle was in the short 4-minute format, so the pressure was on! The result was a pitch that was among the best pitches given at the HATCH Fair.

Marvrus is a new VR-based English education company started by an MBA graduate while attending KAIST. The technology platform they are developing allows language students to travel virtually to international locations so they can practice speaking English like a local.

Consulting type: 1:1 coaching, pitch deck advice

  • Events: HATCH! Fair Pitch Battle
  • Results: $120,000 seed funding
Pitchcraft Seminar @K-Connector

Pitchcraft Seminar @K-Connector

Pitching, Seminar, Update

An awesome all-day seminar with the startups accelerating through K-Connector!

The 2016 K-Global Startup Acceleration program, called K-Connector for short, is a startup program collaboration between Rehoboth and NIPA (National IT Industry Promotion Agency). Over 10 teams were selected for acceleration, seed investment of $20,000, with investor-related business trips to Vietnam and China.

Pitchcraft and K-Connector worked together by mentoring the program participants and by helping them improve their pitch decks and startup knowledge prior to travel overseas. The startups needed to pitch in front of international audiences, some of them for the first time in their career. They needed to know how to speak in English in front of investors, judges, media, and other tech startup professionals. Pitchcraft coached each founder individually in hour-long sessions, and in the final all-day workshop, all the startup founders rehearsed their improved pitches for additional feedback.

  • Consulting type: 1:1 coaching. Seminar (all-day).
  • Results: 11 startups trained. Demo day pitch preparation.