Grand Prize at Seoul Digital Forum

Grand Prize at Seoul Digital Forum

Media Coverage, Pitching, ROI

Congrats to CookieVR for winning the Grand Prize at the Seoul Digital Forum Next Media Challenge pitch event!

Pitchcraft and CookieVR worked together on refining the overall business strategy messaging. The founder had several directions he wanted to discuss publicly, and he had to tailor his message for Chinese investors. Together, we worked on focusing the product roadmap from what the company was working on now and what was in store for the future. The result was a focused message that generated excitement about the future of VR, AR, and mixed reality applications!

CookieVR is creating next generation mobile experiences for entertainment and education. By augmenting media clips with virtual scenario-based dialogue, Cookie’s app allows users to learn and experience conversations with famous celebrities, animated characters, or the perfect friend.

  • Consulting type: 1:1 coaching, pitch deck advice
  • Events: Singapore Investors networking, Chinaccelerator, Seoul Digital Forum Challenge Pitch
  • Results: $10,000 Grand Prize. $20,000 seed funding.
VR Education Demo at Hatch Fair

VR Education Demo at Hatch Fair

Demo Day, Pitching, ROI

Great work Marvrus for taking your pitch to Vietnam’s HATCH Fair 2016!

Pitchcraft and Marvrus worked together on their pitchdeck by focusing in on the information that really mattered. The pitch deck was re-organized using elements from the Y-Combinator pitch format, and key messages were reduced to simpler, easier English. Their pitch battle was in the short 4-minute format, so the pressure was on! The result was a pitch that was among the best pitches given at the HATCH Fair.

Marvrus is a new VR-based English education company started by an MBA graduate while attending KAIST. The technology platform they are developing allows language students to travel virtually to international locations so they can practice speaking English like a local.

Consulting type: 1:1 coaching, pitch deck advice

  • Events: HATCH! Fair Pitch Battle
  • Results: $120,000 seed funding