Congratulations to #Waffle for their recent travel to China to drum up new investment and opportunities, and on their interview with Minji Kim from Technode!

Pitchcraft and #Waffle worked together on improving their English pitch deck during 1:1 coaching sessions. While the pitch deck was professionally formatted and beautifully designed, it was cluttered with too much information. Heewon, the CMO, simplified their brand message and shortened the overall length of the written and spoken content. Within a few practice rehearsals, he was ready.

Waffle Wi-fi platform connects advertisers, businesses, and travelers with an elegant, premium Wi-Fi experience that’s free. Tourists in particular can simply swipe an ad for a local business and instantly receive free internet access without the hassle of obtrusive registration or unwanted ads.

  • Consulting type: 1:1 coaching, pitch deck advice
  • Events: Chinaccelerator, Shanghai Slush
  • Results: $20,000 seed funding. Media coverage. Investor inquiries. Demo day pitches.